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Restaurant Solution Is A Few Clicks Away!


Restaurant Solution Is A Few Clicks Away!

KOL provides you with the tools you need to build your smart restaurant easily

Manage Your Restaurant Operations Efficiently

With KOL digital ordering you will have a smooth ordering experience that can increase the table turnover, more customer orders and all of that is directly integrated into your POS system.

Reduce Operational Costs

With KOL advanced solutions customers can easily order on their own and track their orders directly on their phones, therefore you will need less waiters and staff to serve the orders with a better way to eliminate staff mistakes in taking manual orders.

Increase Your Sales

With KOL cross-selling and up-selling features you have the tools to increase your sales right away! in addition to the modern and user friendly menu, your customers will have more visibility and will order more items!

Automated & Modern Restaurant Solution

KOL provides you with the tools to automate your digital ordering experience, from taking orders to the order serving part where customer know the status of their orders directly from their phones. In addition to the advanced integration with your POS, you have the automation you need!

KOL App Features


For Easier Access

Digital Menu & Table QR Code

Display your menu in an organized, elegant way that is easy to use and user-friendly. With a click of a button, sync your items from your current POS system easily.

Advanced & Smooth

Digital Ordering

Give your customers the fully digitized, smooth, and easy digital ordering experience. With KOL Advanced order tracking, your customer is directly informed about their order status in real-time!

Know your customers

Customer Feedback

Let your customers share their experiences with one click. Increase your chances to improve the operations and quality by knowing what your customers think.

Get paid easily

Online Payment
Coming Soon

Receive your orders paid in advance and avoid the hassle of collecting money. KOL provides you with the tools and out-of-the-box solution to accept online payments with flexible money transfer schedule.

Achieve More

Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

Increase your sales by promoting the customers with hot moving items before they send the order. With 1 tap the customer can quickly add the item without any complications. With KOL up-selling tools you can add extra options to let your users order extra toppings or up-size their meals.

Seamless & Quick

Advanced Integration

Connect your Foodics account with KOL and sync your whole menu with a few clicks! you can sync categories, items, combos,  modifiers, modifiers options, timed events.

Let KOL handle the menu updates with our advanced auto-sync functionality.

More Features

Advanced Order Tracking

From placing the order to making it ready to payment and completion. All in real-time!

Quick User Signup

Customers can register using their mobile number only no password required.

Social Links

Add your social media account to your menu page and let your customers access them quickly.

No Download Required

With only one QR code scan you are good to go. No ugly PDF or App downloads.

Menu Management

Mange your items, categories, modifiers and alot more directly from KOL's dashboard.

Reports And Analytics

Know how you are doing with sales, get advanced reports to enhance your operations and marketing.

Quick Money Transfers

Get your payments transferred to your account quickly on a flexible schedule.

Advanced Dashboard

KOL provides you with the tools you need to manage your digital ordering experience easily.

Responsive Support

KOL support team is hear for you, to help you achieve more and tackle all the issues you may face.

The Customization You Need!

Customize the look and feel of your own website and digital menu to the max level
and make it the same way as your branding theme.

Curated playlists for every occasion.

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